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For many of us, the happiness and safety of our families is our utmost concern. When a relationship ends, however, complex concerns can arise related to divorce, spousal support, child support, property division, and other critical issues. Family law attorney Theodore B. Weiss recognizes the importance of these matters and handles them with the sensitivity that they demand. He has assisted many Camden and Burlington county residents in New Jersey and in Philadelphia, Montgomery, and Delaware counties in Pennsylvania. Whether dealing with a paternity action or a complicated divorce, Mr. Weiss provides not only legal expertise and decades of experience, but also a thoughtful and supportive approach designed to provide his clients with the same empathy and attention as he would give a good friend.

Dealing with the Aftermath of Divorce

Family law issues often arise in the context of a divorce, but they can extend well beyond it. For instance, parents who are ending a marriage may need to arrange for custody and support to ensure the future well-being of their children. Such matters can be straightforward procedures that a family law attorney can quickly resolve, or they may require significant time in the courtroom when they are contested.

When a child custody dispute arises, for example, a judge will consider the best interests of the child as the primary goal in deciding what arrangement is appropriate. Courts generally prefer to assign joint physical and legal custody, unless there is a reason such as domestic violence or substance abuse that strongly suggests that sole custody would endanger the child’s well-being. Physical custody refers to time spent living with the young person, while legal custody means the right to make critical decisions on his or her behalf, such as those related to medical treatment, education, and religion.

In some circumstances, one spouse or the other may need to seek a modification of a final judgment governing child custody, child support, or spousal support, which is often known as alimony. This may be possible if the person requesting the modification can show that there has been a substantial change in circumstances, such as job loss or the onset of a disability. It is important to remember that a spouse cannot simply stop complying with his or her obligations as set forth in a court order. This can lead to a finding of contempt, which can have adverse consequences such as significant fines or the loss of an individual’s driver’s license.

While working through these issues can be emotionally challenging, Mr. Weiss encourages his clients to take a proactive and open-minded approach, working towards a solution that meets the needs of all family members involved. At the same time, when a successful resolution cannot be met outside the courtroom, he will advocate forcefully for a client’s best interests before a judge or jury.

Seek Advice in Family Law Matters from an Experienced Attorney

Family law proceedings and disputes can be draining and difficult. As a divorce lawyer with over 25 years of experience serving individuals throughout South Jersey, Theodore B. Weiss believes in providing his clients with caring, effective and efficient legal representation that will allow them to move beyond legal pitfalls and focus on the issues that really matter. If you have a family law question or concern, please contact us at (856) 779-9670 or online.

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